Neflit, Demon From The Depths

Neflit, Demon From The Depths

“O great Demon,
Prince of Darkness,
Bringer of Evil,
Come to us.
Leave the depths of eternal suffering,
Take the gate, The Cauldron of Death,
To join us in our world
On the journey against the enemy,
To bring pain and misery,
Turning this place of beauty
In an empire of agony…”

A strange ominous fog,
The smell of sulphur, of rotting flesh,
Coming out of the Cauldron of Death
Suddenly he appeared!
The demon Neflit,
Demon from the Depths,
Bringer of sorrow,
Bringer of eminent death.

The demon Neflit,
Demon from the Depths.

Turning this place of beauty
In an empire of agony.

A strong hideous creature,
Half human, half dragon.
Black horns on his head,
Burning eyes and a greenish skin.
Membranous wings,
Enormous sharp claws.
A strong, hideous creature.

Heading to Bordearon
He took away
Every scrap of hope.
Absorbing the essence of life

Making him stronger
More and more evil.
As the demon met Mallek,
A fierce struggle began.
Huge claws against double ax.
As he hit the beast,
Green, stinking blood squirted out,
But the wounds healed very fast
And the monster remained undamaged

While the demon wacked the ax away,
Mallek remembered the words,
Use the Power of Fire.
Forming between his hands
A hot red blinding ball
And threw it, with all his force
To the dark eminent monster.

A sharp deafening howl,
An acid smell in the air,
A vanishing burning image,
Neflit returned to hell

Once again,
With the powers of the nature at his side,
The man from the wood
Won this battle
Against the evil Zul’Dahr.

After the fight with Neflit,
Mallek continued his journey to the Hill of agony.
Soon he arrived at the beginning of the plains of Vorneas,
With at the horizon, the castle on the hill.

Zul’Dahr in the meanwhile mobilized
His whole army around the hill,
In order to crush the attacking enemy at the gates of his palace…
Mallek, seeing how big this army was,
Began to doubt.

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