The Cauldron Of Death

The Cauldron Of Death

On the Hill of Agony,
Sitting on his throne,
Zul’Dahr could feel a force
Which make him shake.
For a moment fear tried to overtake him.
Willing to know the cause of this
He decided to visit
Mogrod, his brother,
The Rotting One.
The keeper of the Cauldron of Death,
The gate to the underworld
Reigned by Demons.

The Cauldron of Death!

Living in the deepest caves
Surviving of blood and flesh
Of human bodies
Lengthy tortured till death,
Giving the special flavor
Of fear and pain.

As the emperor opened the door,
With behind, the stairs leading to the deepest cave,
A strong and disgusting smell of rotting flesh
Embraced him, as to welcome him.

After just a moment of doubt
He walked down, on the moist and slippery stairs
By blood dripping from walls and ceiling,
To meet his rotting brother sitting
In the middle of half dispatched carcasses.

“O rotting brother of mine,
I come to you,
I felt a threat and I’m wondering
Look in your Cauldron and brighten my mind”

“There is a man,
In the forest of Bordearon,
Who can, somehow,
Mean the end
Of your reign of terror.
Mallek is his name.”

After this gloomy omen,
An imperial horde left for Bordearon.
Terrifying warriors, leaded by Albator,
The Invincible One
In order to destroy the threat.

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