The Holy Battle Of Vorneas

The Holy Battle Of Vorneas

It was a glorious day
An army of dead men walking
Thousands of them
Wearing helmets
And coats of mail
Holding weapons,
Swords, axes,
Clubs, bow and arrow.

Heading to the Hill of Agony
To destroy the center of evil.
And all those, protecting it,
On the plane of Vorneas.

Facing eachother
The sons and the monsters of Zul’Dahr
Against a horde of skeletons.
Fragile silhouettes of bone
Determined to go on till the end.

The black warriors with the purple eagle
Heavy, by their armor and weapons
Were slowed down by the mud.

It was raining, heavily,
Like it had never did before.
Stuck in the mud, they were an easy prey
For the light-weighting skeletons
Which were fast and agile.

In the middle of the battlefield,
A lot of spoiled blood.
And the smell, of burned out flesh
Of the men stroke by the lightning
Guided by the hand
Of the tall man from the wood.

The ground was shaking,
The nature let feel her anger,
The planet-goddess was determined
To erase this stronghold

Source of sorrow,
From the surface of the planet.

The castle is collapsing!
For the first time
The Black Warriors
With fear in their eyes
Tried to escape from this place.

They got outnumbered,
Their end was close.
The last survivor of this carnage.
The evil Emperor, full of anger,
Full of hate..
Facing Mallek, the man of the wood.
Resolved to put an end
To the reign of tyranny.
They were watching each other.
Waiting, for the first one to attack.
The mighty sword,
Versus the huge double ax.

At the same moment
Both launched the attack,
The sword running through
The heart of Mallek,
The double ax,
Through his cuirass of Zul’Dahr,
Ripping this trunk
In two halves.

And they fell both dead,
Next to each other.

At this moment
The magic was over.
It ceased raining
The earth calmed down.
The remaining skeletons turned to ashes,
Blown away, by a gentle breeze.

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