The Warriors Of The Ancient Battle Of Zuljinn

The Warriors Of The Ancient Battle Of Zuljinn

There he was,
The man from the wood
At the border of the plain of Vorneas,
In front, over a distance, the Hill of Agony,
With around, the legions of death,
The sons of Zul’Dahr and the monsters
Coming from the depths of earth.

In this barren land
The nature was not at his side.
As they were so many,
He needed an immense, fearless army.

Alean spoke to him,
A voice in his head,
In the Valley of Zuljin,
Use the Power of Water,
Use the Power of Earth.

Ancient chronicles
Long time ago
Thousands of soldiers died,
Faithful to their lords,
In a senseless battle
The Battle of Zuljin.
On the top of the hill
Invocation of powers
Dark clouds packed over his head.
Soon, rain and thunder came,
The ground in the valley,
Turned very fast into mud.

It was a frightening view,
When by the Power of Earth,
The soldiers, buried by dust
Got back to life.
Got back to life.

Skeletons, thousands of them,
Holding half corroded weapons,
Rider, on riding-animals of bone,
Rose up from the mud.
All of them, given a second chance
To fight, and die again,
This time in a significant battle
So afterwards, they could rest
In peace, for eternity.

They knew their mission,
And headed to the Hill of Agony,
And passing by, saluted by nodding
Their new lord, Mallek,
The man from the wood,
Instrument of their mother,
Alean, the planet goddess.

The strong man, the ax in his hands,
Feeling the powers so strong
Joined them, and leaded his army
To gain the final victory.

And the rain, the thunder
Didn’t stop
Till the end…

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