Coatlicue Serpent Skirt (Earth)

Coatlicue Serpent Skirt (Earth)

We were born on this hungry ground
Dreaming awakening from sleep
And we live in illusionary peace.
She was sacrificed since the first hour of creation
Two snake figures come out of her decapitated head

Snake woman
A horrible effigy, a monster stonework

Snake woman
She gives birth to all forms of life.
Teteo Innan,

Beauty in its entity, mother of gods
Creator and destroyer

Serpents descend over her skirt
Around her bosom, a necklace of human remains
She keeps the seed, feeds on corpses and consumes them all

Two reptile figures come out of her severed head
Her severed head
She gives birth to all forms of life
With the force born deep within her grows the magma’s core

Impregnated by feather’s birds or a simple knife.
Dualism without a face.

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