Alack! Oh beautiful auld lang syne!
Æsthete knight
Knight from the bosk
Where I bemuse to the trees
With my bemoaning.
I bethink the sounds of the swords
I could not save his life
Woe is me!

The waylayer fathomed his bosom
Perfidious man he’s in war.
He left to the inferno
My brave warlike…

‘The obscure of evil coverth my sword,
The enemy defeath me,
Oh! Walkirya come to me…
Only in Walhalla will I rest in peace”.

He left.

[Original musical composition by Marvin Callejas and Horus
Drums by Juan Carlos Robles (Dark Angeluz)
Keyboards and programming by Andrés Silva
Electric and acoustic guitar by Daniel Díaz Ordoñez
Bass and programming by Hamlet
Voice, sitar and lyric by Isabel Restrepo
Spoken voice by Erik Vochten.]

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