Family Business

Family Business

I heard a battle raging on the other side of the wall
I buried my head in a pillow and tried to ignore it all.
Every night when I hear you I dream of breaking down your door
an avenging knight in shining armour, to rescue you from it all.

From this family business, family business
how long does it stay, family business.
It’s nobody’s business, this family business,
but tell me how long it remains family business.

When I see you at the supermarket, sunglasses in the shade
averting your eyes from those staring questions, how were those bruises made?
The children clutch tight to your legs, they’ve got so much they want to say
but daddy’s sitting home, drunk again so they bite their lips and pray
cos daddy don’t like people poking in his private affairs
and if anyone asks from the social, well, you tripped and fell down the stairs.

It’s family business, keep it in the family business.
Can you tell me how long it remains family business?
It’s nobody’s business, this family business.

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