Jack And Jill

Jack And Jill

Me and my old lady we got a dream coming true
Me and my old lady just bought some room with a view
We kept our options open it was the only way we could deal
Living life on our own terms we took a house on the hill

But if it all comes tumbling down, a dream get broken
But souls stay sound, we can hold our heads high
And look back with no shame
With a conscience as clear as our ideals and aims
Cos where do you go at the end of the day
When your world comes tumbling down
Can you climb to your feet, wipe the tears from your eye
‘Cause its only the foot of a hill.

Some people take a mortgage down on memory lane
Hide their heads in the sand and hope their troubles go away
Detach themselves from living a life that they can never afford
Lock their hearts and their spirits behind heavy golden doors

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