Where The Party At

Where The Party At

[Verse 1:]
Shawty don’t be trippin’ when you see us in the club,
Just show a little love, represent your side like me
Cuz round here if you slip you catch a hot one
Twelve shotgun, couple of ’em got one
Belvedere in the rear of the club, pulled up on dubs
And we bout to go and buy the bar up, SO SO, fo’ sure
We ain’t playin’, hang with no lames, if you bumpin’ say it….

Aye where the party at?
Girls is on the way, where dat Bacardi at?
Bottles and models talkin’ all of that
You know I can’t forget about my thugz, where da party at?

And all my girlz, where da party at?
Off in the club, where da party at?
If the party’s where your at, let me hear you say….
“(Uh ohhh)Oh Oh Oh Oh Ohh, (Uh ohhh)Oh Oh Oh Oh Ohh,(Uh ohhh)Oh Oh Oh Oh(Uh ohhh)”
If the party’s where your at just let me know..

[Verse 2:]
All the girlz in the club in their best outfit, just showin’ that skin
Tryin’ to make a nigga wanna spit, “Where you been girl?”
“You and your friend need to come to the back, where we got it locked down.”
“In your white t-shirt, or a 3 piece suit. Don’t matter what you wear, all dat matters is who you with.”
Some jiggy and some straight fly, all up in the club just to have a good

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