Map Of The World (Part II)

Map Of The World (Part II)

you mentioned La Pieta
the dotted line
the holy flapping dress
white legs carving darkness
and you traced your thoughts on the tablecloth
as you were speaking

so when you left
I grabbed the white and telling tablecloth
and I carried it out into the empty streets
and I laid it down to see what I could see

I led my horse along the latitudes
across the folds and into white
and somehow along the way

my horse slid off sideways and was gone forever

I mourned and then forgot about it
I resumed the line
the latitudes and longitudes are calling me
they’re stringing me out across the seas forever

they say – da da…
map of the world

I run along the dotted line
and I grab my flapping dress – wheeee
and the global winds rush past me
shouting – this is happiness
a quick fling to the global edge

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