That Was The Day (nashville)

That Was The Day (nashville)

Going home in a trailer filled with Canada Dry,
Looking forward to being with you.
Got in to the broadway and what do I find ?
Some lady’s been sleeping there, too.

I was dreamin’ of our meetin’ all down the M1
‘Cause I hadn’t seen you for so long.
Then out of the blue, something came down and warned me
And I sat there and wrote down this song.

That was the day that the coke came to Nashville,
That was the day I laughed till I cried.
That was the day all my dreams turned to ashes
And I lost my blues and I smiled.

Well, I walked in the door and I heard you two laughing,
Just like I’d hoped that we’d do.
So I went up the stairs, left your keys on the table,
And I wrote on the mirror, ‘We’re through!’.

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