(Music: Marillion Lyrics: Steve Hogarth & John Helmer)

Saw you walking on your velvet lawn
Is it lonely on the moon?
You took a dive and swallowed all you could
Did you drink too much too soon?
Nothing left for you to fight about
And no-one wants to see you try
The nearest neighbours are a mile away
Does the ocean hear you cry?

Punching at the sky
They say the King is losin’ his grip again
They said you’re bullet proof, they said you feel no pain
It seems the hero is misunderstood again

Is it love or is it surgery
Makes he seem so ill at ease
As she’s begging you to please calm down
In her silk Armani on her knees
Did you carry out those threats I heard
Or were you only playing macho?
And the stains on her Versace scarf
Were they really just Gazpacho?

They say the King is watching his back again
They say the King is losing his grip again
Raging like a bull to an empty ring
D’you think they will forgive a hero anything?

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