Missing My Idols

Missing My Idols

[Verse 1]
Uh, take a vivid picture, no photos
Implement that shit into your mind, just so you know though
Sucka free living, I’ma say that that’s the motto
So for any nigga on that sucka shit, I’m no hoe bro
Might just have to drop a bomb, Han Solo
Got me bicken back being bool, Quasimoto
All about my paper gotta get my fucking dough hoe
Always on the fucking go-go, you a bitch like Tony Romo
Niggas came around now they extinct like Dodos
Meanwhile I’m in New York fucking up SoHo
Just bagged a new chick, Caroline, nickname Coco
Took her to the telly now lil’ baby going loco
She just give me face, ain’t no fucking that’s a no-no
And she going 30 early dirty no soap though
I laugh at the haters, everything they say a joke though
And I’m screaming fuck 12, all these foul ass po-po (yeah uh)

But nowadays I really miss my fucking idols, so that’s the title
I grab a bible, pray for my rivals
Dead on arrival, I swear this shit to me like a cycle
Bodies in piles, blood rivers resemble Niles
They need survival, they need to rehearse a recital
I just sit back and listen to old Wayne songs
And get dome from a bitch while I brainstorm
And spit flames while also making it rain storm

[Verse 2]
You see I can’t ignore it
And you niggas don’t see it’s in your brain to snore
And you sleep on me until you can’t no more
And don’t fake on me and try to play the boy
I don’t know why I feel like nobody loves me
Or why they feel like my intention’s something ugly
Or why I feel like everyone needs something from me
Or why I feel like everyone just saying fuck me
Or why I feel like the opposition gon’ buss me
If I gave you my heart, would you still love me?
Lately baby I feel like nobody trust me
Is it just me?
Yeah (hold up)

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